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Periodontal Treatment

The word periodontal refers to the gum and bone that support and hold the teeth in the mouth. Good periodontal health is critical for keeping your teeth all your life. Poor periodontal health is commonly referred to as gum disease. Gum disease, or periodontal disease, can cause the loss of teeth when the roots of the teeth are no longer firmly supported by the gums and bone of the jaws.


Removal of teeth, though becoming less common in the public, is still a serious matter. After a thorough medical history, this is accomplished in our office with local anesthetic agent. Compassion is always utmost on the mind of the staff and the doctor. After proper healing this service is many times affiliated with the placement of bridgework, implants, or a removable appliance. Sometimes an interim appliance is placed directly after an extraction if there is a cosmetic concern. Also, a referral to a specialist such as an oral surgeon may be needed when a bony impaction is present or a medical condition makes it imperative to be treated under a more controlled situation. Other situations may warrant the enlistment of an oral surgeon or periodontal surgeon after routine dental extractions to achieve a final treatment outcome.

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